Underneath the umbrella

We at MensenTock make it easier for clients, existent and prospective, to find timely solutions to diverse and ever changing communication needs through effective information sharing. It delights us to supplement their business development with our foresight and wholesome perspective of brand development and communications. This is how we nurture business aspirations.
Making Communications Wholesome
MensenTock has identified nine key service components that are like the branches of the tree called MensenTock and their own specialized offering in key action and result areas.

Media Engagement

We keep talking to the media in a consistent manner to enhance our clients’ media reach and relations. Towards that end, we use various modules for our clients so that they enjoy media loyalty, sensitivity and advocacy in the long run. We help them in developing a public relations plan for their brand, designing media outreach modules, organizing media advocacy and sensitization workshops, engaging media through media loyalty programmes, enhancing visibility in the media and strengthening investor and analyst relations. Over a period of time, we have gained their trust mainly on the basis of the services we have delivered. We also help them package all information in a fashion that generates a natural interest from the media.

Creative Content 

Not just bland creative outpourings but collateral and strategic ideas tailor-made to suit the client’s needs. The creation of portfolios and carefully thought-out editorial content with out-of-the-box packaging and designing make our clients proud of us! Our experts transform their ideas and creative thoughts into a workable model. Whether it is the content for their catalogue or web portal, a thought-provoking article in the name of their chairman or their company’s profile in a presentation, the editing of a book or producing of a newsletter, we do it all with finesse. Our designers, writers, editors, copywriters, thinkers and advisers industriously work on their requirements, producing a tangible outcome that demonstrates their company’s brand superiority.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is one of the critical tools used by leaders and organisations to analyse and maintain their public image. When thought leaders think of their image positioning and public projection, we make their ideas come alive through vivid exchanges, effective management and extensive monitoring of their reputation across the media. Not to mention timely crisis alerts and long-term customer loyalty, both of which critically enhance the quality of their innovations, we make them do like-able things so that their audience likes them. As a celebrity artist, writer, musician or designer their creative properties or rendered pieces that create their image, we position it. As an organisational head, your speeches, writings, thought leadership, social media postings, and employee-stakeholder management create your image and we manage it. We table the analysis of what people who matter see you as, we produce how you want to be seen as and we provide alerts on your competitors’ schemes.


For us events are opportunities for our clients to reach out to their stakeholders, and precisely for this reason, we undertake planning, production, operation and execution to a wholly different level through well-researched and fail-safe mechanisms. All this is to ensure memorable and successful events right from celebrity endorsements to product launches and even corporate events of all scales, we go that extra mile. As an augmented service, we also undertake booth designing and hostess arrangements for exhibitions and trade fairs.

Digital Media

The wave of digital media surpasses all other forms of communications. Our client’s first choice is the presence and promotion on the social digital media. We specialize in Website/Portal Planning and Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Web Analytics, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Affiliate Marketing and Creating Social Media Strategy. In a more definitive way we put context and content in a strategic mix and devise mechanisms technically that bring digital visibility and presence of brands to our clients. Our team of social content writers with their technical acumen develops, monitors and moderates personal and organisational profiles of our clients round the clock. We help you achieve that remarkable position in the digital media that brightens your social horizon.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand the weight of the word ‘responsibility’ as sincerely as we appreciate sharing it with all our clients. Natural progression of this concern for our clients and society as a whole has motivated us to encompass all functions of CSR department as our responsibility, right from research, concept development and programme execution to consultation and advisories to enable a functional set-up within our client organisations. Our clients consult us for setting up their CSR departments, formulation of sustainable CSR strategies and effective implementation, thus creating enhanced communication and goodwill with all their stakeholders, including employees and communities.

Strategic Advisory

Plans and drafts are important but at MensenTock we go beyond the blueprints in terms of strategic communications development which includes careful positioning, messaging and thorough stakeholder mapping to enable brands to grow. We advise our clients on media policy development and assess their strategic needs to enhance performance and productivity. Our team works on stakeholder mapping, competitor analysis, need assessment and strategizing start-up business concepts.

Audio/ Video Production 

For corporate and individual profiling, we undertake the production of educational, corporate, social and even commercial films. On one-off basis we facilitate ad-films, VFX, motion graphics, animation, explainer videos, digital corporate profiling and documentary productions. Creative photography that includes industrial and product imaging with other specializations forms an intrinsic part of our audio-visual setup. Be it an outdoor shoot or an indoor exercise, our people, with camera and all essential mix of technique and art, are prepared to capture and feature the clicks in your collaterals, profiling or documentation. Our team of scriptwriters diligently works on the content to meet your sectoral requirements. We at MensenTock use the latest techniques that reflect high quality and image of your brand.

Training and Capacity Building

For organisations as whole, MensenTock introduces public relations as a concept to better communication within their regions of operation, including meet the press and public interface. We specialize in training organisations, spokespersons and their respective departments in crisis management right from preparation to due adherence to their Corporate Social Responsibility and its proper implementation. For this purpose and for other organisational requirements, we arrange and facilitate corporate training and workshops on diverse organisational needs. We understand the best way of helping our esteemed clients is by rightly equipping them with tools for enriched corporate practice.

Our training and enriching sessions develops customised modules for PR and non PR professionals that help them at every stage of career. To learn more about our workshops continue to read here