Know Us

We are a team of thinkers who like to challenge our own ideas and push them beyond the limits. It just means we work our way around our clients and brand them in ways that make them proud of what they are. Of course, there is no one absolute way to succeed in making any brand visible. It is a specialised task that needs a multipronged approach, along with a sharp understanding of the brand essence. Not just the brand, but also the organisation, the fabric that holds the brand together.

We are a leading global brand communications consultancy firm that believes in establishing an organisation’s relationships with its customers, a heterogeneous and widely distributed community. We preserve and nurture the most valuable assets – ‘Brand’, ‘Customers’ and ‘Relationships’ of our clients and their organisations. We strive to understand the environment in which they operate, one that is complex and increasingly difficult to manage a uniform image among all stakeholders. Our immersive approach consolidates all that we have learned over the years into focussed insights, laying a solid foundation to create the most compelling and lasting connections for any brand.

With the emergence of convergent technologies, the question of generating brand positioning that appears, stays and sustains in the minds of both the clients and their stakeholders is not just a challenge but an opportunity. Our experts with multi-channel experience unify and simplify their communication approach to make the brand shine.

Our commitment is to building promising brands into great ones through an all-inclusive approach, tying all loose ends to create a whole. If you are lost in the maze of speeding competitions and are baffled by difficulties in choosing right communication tools to shape your brand desirably, our team at MensenTock is there envisioning a future of symbiotic business with our clients and watching them grow through a long-term, happy, almost organic association.

A perspective and a philosophy, it is never just a business but a part of who we are at MensenTock. We are indeed a varied flock, yet collectively we are a team that believes in making things happen and creating new opportunities. We find niches others rarely look at and that appeal to our prized clients because it is not by making maximum noise but by generating maximum brand impact that we deliver. We innovate ways to help you even in the most irresolute situations and quite often as gestures of our concern and appreciation.