MensenTock in association with PR4You launches workshops on Public Relations and Communications

MensenTock Communications and PR4You, an online community of more than 15,000 members will jointly launch a two-day intensive training cum workshop on Public Relations and Communications. The workshop involves high level of interaction, and practical tools and techniques, which are easy to absorb in your day to day professional life. This is necessary, especially in view of the shift in public relations industry throwing up innumerable challenges and opportunities for practitioners all over the world. Such workshops will support you through transitional periods, thus accelerating your career.

The workshop, the first of its series, is open for PR and non-PR professionals, who want to boost their skills in public relations, improve their written and verbal communication, manage the image of their company brand or self, secure higher positions and familiarise with the nuances of media relationship building. The workshop will be conducted by industry experts, senior journalists and communication experts. The first workshop will be organised in New Delhi on May 8-9, 2015 at India International Centre, Lodhi Road.

Who should attend?

The workshop training programme is designed by industry experts for PR and non PR professionals who aspires to establish positive communication with diverse group of stakeholders, use their talent to make a lasting impression and face the public including media with charisma and unchallenging authority.

• Working PR professionals
• Aspiring PR/ Non PR professionals
• Changing jobs in PR/ Communication in the new industry sector
• Acclimatizing in higher responsibilities
• Opening their own firms
• Aiming to secure better positions
• Advancing existing skills/ knowledge
• Aiming to enhance own /company’s/ product’s brand image positioning

What will be the take home?

The two-day workshop will put you in touch with communication and public relation experts, journalists, mentors and industry speakers who will share their knowledge, expertise and experiences, thus opening more learning opportunities. The workshops will build and boost your-

• Relationship with the media
• Effective writing and speaking skills
• Communication skills that impresses your audience
• Positive image positioning among stakeholders
• Reputation management
• Personality development

To register for the two-day workshop, please click here